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Magazine and Newspaper Articles About
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There are several hundred newspaper and magazine articles about the co-founders' projects, contributions and accomplishments in community development, empowerment and disaster relief in 9 states (Mississippi; Illinois, Indiana; Ohio, Michigan, Missouri; New York, Virginia, California and Washington, DC) plus the Bahamas, Canada and Switzerland. A few of those will be provided as links from this page. Letters of Support are provided on that page.

Betterton Seeks To Motivate

Betterton Seeks to Motivate is a great article by Kimberly Chievrue presents the overview of the Ultimate Destiny Community Empowerment Resource Center model. Kim was so moved by the results and accomplishments of the organizations and programs Betterton and his team produced that she now serves as one of the major coauthors and editors of the fourteen part Ultimate Destiny Success System. Kim has also authored about a dozen articles that Ultimate Destiny will use to introduce the world to Ultimate Destiny University and the Ultimate Destiny Success System.


Betterton Declines $250,000 HUD Fellowship

The attached article presents the decision Betterton made to turn down a $250,000. Fellowship from HUD, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, in order to continue to develop and refine  the organizations, programs and products that are now the “foundations” under the “castles in the air” presently known as Ultimate Destiny and Ultimate Destiny University.

While it was an honor to be selected as one of only 230 Community Builders out of 8,500 applicants, the program would have required Betterton to disassociate from any other program activities and he had too many commitments and too many pending major projects to be able to accept the offer.  

"Mr. Betterton's project for the 1990-1992 Community Economic Development Masters program at Southern New Hampshire University was to promulgate CED principles and practices. The fact that he turned down a HUD Community Builder Fellowship worth $250,000 in 1998 (when he was earning less than $25,000 a year) to continue the non-profit community empowerment work he and his team had underway at the time demonstrates his commitment to what he and his classmates defined as the foundation of CED: self-help, empowerment and capacity building." ---

Dr. Michael Swack, Professor, the Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire and
founding Dean, School of Community Economic Development, Southern New Hampshire University


Despite Naysayers, Armory Lives

This article includes a photo of Charles Betterton (co-founder of Ultimate Destiny), Susie Brown, (Executive Director of the United Way of Kankakee County who is now on the Ultimate Destiny advisory board), William Lucek, (President of Kankakee Community Development Corporation KCDC established by Betterton) and Tim Schmidt, (Director of the Kankakee Development Corporation) receiving a Governor’s Home Town Award from Illinois Governor Jim Edgar for the success of the  Community Empowerment Resource Center Betterton had created and managed.

HUD, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, subsequently asked Betterton and the KCDC accept grant funding to design and deliver what evolved into an award winning microenterprise development, self-employment and entrepreneurship training program. The Community Resource Center is the largest prototype so far with 22,000 square feet and it is the most successful model Community Resource Center. The CRC has continued to operate for over fifteen years and has served tens of thousands of participants with programs on everything from personal and professional development, to community mobilization activities, and recreational programs in the gymnasium.


Program Motivates Business Spirit


Peale Visit Seen As Benefit to City


Betterton's Departure

Editorial Cartoon with Three Stooges