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Solving the Ultimate Success Puzzle of Your Life


Perceiving the Puzzle



          Does your life ever look like a Rubik’s cube to you — hopelessly scrambled? Does bringing all your life’s “pieces” into alignment seem like an impossible and frustrating task?

The real craze of the Rubik’s cube is many years in the past, but you must remember the rows of small, colorful squares that could be rotated in any direction. When you could make each side of the cube a solid color, the puzzle was solved.

The puzzle of life doesn’t really have a solution in which all its aspects are perfectly and permanently aligned. Life is a process to be engaged and enjoyed.  But it often feels like a puzzle, especially when you’re struggling to find meaning in some or all of its aspects.

To find how all life’s pieces begin to fit together, you have to do a few things: First, you have to see what the pieces are. Let’s
say for now that a few of them might be
called “Relationships,” “Health and Fitness,”
and “Financial Freedom.”

Prioritizing Your Ultimate Success Puzzle

Next, you have to decide which row to turn first in solving your “Rubik’s cube” by placing priority on one element or another.  It works better to give one thing special attention first. 

As you start applying new principles to one area of your life, it makes sense to occasionally play (a better word than “work”) with another area.  Just be careful that you keep your main focus on building on gains in one area at a time. When you feel sure — inwardly settled — you’ve made changes that will stick in one part of your life, then move to a second area.

Sometimes, as you make advances in one area of focus, improvement in other areas comes alone automatically …. Nice! For example, as you work on improving your marriage, you might become happier and more productive at work. That makes your financial picture brighter, and can even make you feel healthier. In such a case, as you make an effort to twist life’s cube in one direction, you end up with better alignment in several areas at once. 

Seeing Beneath the Surface

As you work your life’s puzzle, you must realize there is more going on than the surface reveals.  Just as a Rubik’s cube has an unseen underlying mechanism that allows the rows to be turned, life also has underlying processes that you might not always be aware of. And in life, sometimes a square that seems to be one color might be another color underneath.

You might have a complaint about your partner’s messiness, but really be feeling that he or she doesn’t care about your needs.  So if you concentrate on who should put away the dishes, you may miss the real issue: your desire for a greater sense that your partner cares about you.  No matter what area of life you choose to focus upon first, try to dig a little below the surface and discover the deeper issue.

 Powering Up with the Puzzle’s Solution

Empowerment can come on many levels and in different ways.  As you start aligning the pieces of your personal life puzzle, you might feel a sense of increased effectiveness and influence right away. Just identifying your area of deepest passion and finding a specific mission within it unleashes an incredible amount of power — inwardly for you, and outwardly for the world. Just making the first move can give you a tremendous sense of relief, knowing you are on your way at last.

As you advance, you will be multiplying your efforts with valuable affiliations, the support of key people, and much more. Then you’ll experience the joy of empowering others as well. Life can seem like Rubik’s cube – but putting the pieces in line will lead your life to wonderful places.


 Article by Howard Pepper

Excerpted from the Ultimate Destiny Success System

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