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10 Things You Can Do in the Next 10 Days to Enjoy More Peace

By Kimberley Jace

Are you at peace? Do you wake up feeling sure you can handle whatever the day brings, and fall asleep at night with no worries and no regrets? If that doesn’t describe you, you’re not alone. Many people haven’t achieved this level of peace and serenity in their lives. Some of them are waiting for a “magic moment” when something terrific happens, such as winning the lottery or meeting the perfect mate, believing that THEN they will be at peace with life.

But in fact, the peace that you seek in your life can never come from any outside source. It comes from the peace within you.

Do you have a restless mind and a discontented heart? The peace is still there. If your goal is achieving peace, for yourself and the world, your job is to find that quiet place within yourself, because that is the origin of all peace.

In Enjoying Peace and Balance from Ultimate Destiny Enterprises, you’ll find a self-assessment quiz that reveals your underlying attitudes about how much peace there is in your life, and how much in your heart. You’ll also find material to help you understand the results, and references to the books that really make a difference – books that teach you not how to be a better person, but how to focus your thoughts so you can become the BEST person you possibly can.

If you feel you haven’t felt a moment of true peace in a long time, here are 10 things you can do in the next 10 days to take the first steps toward finding that peace.

Read one item from this list each day and work on incorporating it into your life. As you add new skills, don’t forget to keep up the lessons from the earlier days. These are subtle but important changes in perspective and behavior that will help you attract the prosperity you want and deserve.

1. Stop negative talk. When you describe your life as chaotic, and yourself as overwhelmed, you are giving strength to those notions. Of course you are busy and your life is full of challenges – but that is a blessing. If you think for a moment about your life, chances are there is a strong pattern underlying all you do. You work at a certain time, sleep in the same bed every night, interact with the same people every day. You’re not a refugee fleeing war, uncertain at every turn whether you’ll be able to survive. Your life has structure, and in that, there is an element of peace. Never describe your life aloud in negative terms; stop yourself and remember that you have things under control, or at least reasonably under control. Because really, you do.

2. Visualize. Take some time to form a mental picture of yourself as someone whose life is peaceful and in balance. When have you experienced that kind of serenity, even for a moment? Remember an hour of a vacation when you felt calm and totally relaxed, and picture yourself there again. Develop the most complete, relaxed picture of yourself you can, and let your mind return to that image often throughout the day.

3. Affirm. It’s not enough to just stop saying your life is in disarray; you must say that you are blessed with peace. No matter what condition you are in at this moment, you have the power to claim a better condition. When you wake up in the morning, say aloud, “I am on the right path, in control of my day, and a higher spirit is guiding me.” As you drive, repeat, “My life is proceeding in an orderly way toward my goals.” Before you retire at night, say aloud, “My dreams tonight will be peaceful and deeply relaxing.” Draw energy to that peaceful vision of yourself by describing your vision in words – out loud – and often.

4. Pray. If you’re not a religious type, or not sure you believe in God, then choose your higher self, a higher power, Nature, guardian angels, or whatever you think is “out there.” Ask for help in three parts: a request, an affirmation and a thank-you. “Spirit, please help me find peace. I am now relaxed and blissful. Thank you, Spirit, for giving me peace.”

5. Write a goal. Begin with that perfect picture of your relaxed self from Day #2, but expand it now. See yourself doing the things that person who is living in peace would do, and write those things down. “I am relaxed and confident, I have balance in all areas of my life, everything that happens is part of life’s plan for me.”

6. Write a plan. To get from where you are to where you want to be will require action. Figure out some of the steps on that path. Do you need to take a vacation, or at least a day off? Will you feel more at peace if you put some time into organizing your environment? If your life is overcrowded with activity, as most people’s lives are, you’ll need to make it a priority to schedule some unstructured time – an hour a day when you have no commitments other than relaxation. The first step toward inner peace if often just finding a peaceful place and the time to exist in it, for a short period of time, every day.

7. Feel grateful. It might sound counter-intuitive to be “thankful” for peace if you’ve just had the craziest day of your life. But that attitude of gratitude will help draw peace to you. Thank your God, or life itself, that you are now living in harmony with everyone and everything, and as you say that, feel for just a moment how you will feel when you’re at peace. It’s the emotion that goes along with your peaceful vision of yourself. Hold that feeling in your heart.

8. Forgive. This is a difficult step for many people, but it’s vital. Imagine: If you believe there are people keeping your life unhinged, it’s very possible you are having the same effect on their lives. It’s possible to reverse all that. Climb outside yourself for a moment and observe what you might be doing to unbalance your own life, or someone else’s. Are you making your needs the only ones that can matter? Are you venting your emotions and thereby reaffirming the very things you don’t want in your life? Find a way to believe that people who have unsettled your life were doing the best they could do at the time. If you can see that you’ve been disturbing your own peace, forgive yourself, too. You did what you knew how to do then, and now you’re learning a better way.

9. Release the past. Tied to forgiving is the idea of letting go of what was. You don’t have to be the way you’ve always been. If you used to describe your life as out of control, you’ve stopped that negative talk already. You’re already taking steps to find balance and structure in your life. Be willing to let go of the things that tied you to a life of chaos, whether it was taking on too many tasks or being involved with people whose lives are full of drama. Break the pattern and let go of the way things were before. You are born anew.

10. Let joy in. Sometimes we become so accustomed to feeling restless, we forget to appreciate times when our lives are balanced. When life seems peaceful for a moment, we “wait for the other shoe to drop,” knowing life will become disorderly again. But to have joy in your life, you’re going to have to let yourself trust in joy, and believe you deserve it, and celebrate its arrival. When you find a peaceful moment, rejoice in it. Joy is always fleeting; recognize it when it comes and savor it fully. It will return more often.

After you’ve spent 10 days unlearning bad habits, learning good ones, and adding activities to your day, see if you can keep them up for another 10 days, and then perfect them in the 10 days after that. Pray, visualize and affirm every day. Watch what you say and think, and keep yourself positive. Forgive those who wrong you and feel grateful for the things that go right. Keep writing down your goals and action plans. When you catch yourself clinging to old ways, let them go. And let yourself feel good about it!

One month from today, you’ll be headed in a whole new direction – and you’ll recognize the increasing sense of peace in your life.

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