Letters of Support for Ultimate Destiny University,
CAN DO! and United Way Agencies

Chambers of Commerce

The attached letters from Rita Head, President of the Bradley Bourbonnais Chamber of Commerce  acknowledge Betterton’s contributions as a facilitator of their board visioning retreats, for helping them produce major events for the chamber and for helping design and deliver their Leadership Development Institute and Effective Management Training programs.

Rita has served on the advisory board for Ultimate Destiny and her expertise is helping connect us with the Chambers of Commerce which is one of the target markets for distribution of the Ultimate Destiny Success System, the Empowerment Resource Centers and the Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems (ETMS™).

United Way Agencies

The attached letter from Tom Clark, the Executive Director of  the Kankakee County United Way acknowledges the many years of contributions Betterton and the organization’s he had cofounded helped to foster personal, organizational and community development and empowerment.

When Betterton produced his first major community unity event, he invited the United Way of Kankakee County to donate $5,000. to sponsor the event. Tom Clark, then the Executive Director called and asked if they could donate $15,000 instead and be included as a major partner of the event.

Susie Brown who became the next Executive Director of the Kankakee County United Way accepted Betterton ’s invitation serve on the board of directors for the Kankakee Community Development Corporation (KCDC). Susie helped secure greater community support and participation from business leaders in the community and she enhanced the fund raising programs.  

Susie was promoted a few years later to a much larger United Way in Utica, NY and it was through her recommendation that CENTER SPACE and Betterton were contracted to help produce CAN DO! type events and community-wide Co-creative Visioning for Oneida County, New York. Ms. Brown serves on the Ultimate Destiny advisory board to help the 5,000 + United Way’s learn how they and their clients can benefit from applying the Empowerment Resource Center model in their communities.

Susie was later promoted again into an appointment with the United Way of America which Betterton help her obtain through his personal and professional relationships with Robert Zedenek who was then Vice-President of Community for the United Way of America.

It had been Zedenek who introduced Betterton to the Community Economic Development Masters program through their affiliations in the National Congress for Community Economic Development (NCCED) for which Zedenek had served as President of for over ten years. NCCED is the trade association for the 2,500 community development corporations included as a priority market for the distribution and establishment Empowerment Resource Centers and Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems.

Mr. Zedenek and Dr. Michael Swack, founder of the Community Economic Development Masters program, serve on the Ultimate Destiny advisory board to help bridge the world of Community Economic Development with the Ultimate Destiny Expanding the Circle of Success programs.

The field of Community Economic Development encompasses self-help, empowerment and capacity building. These are the goals and results of the Empowerment Resource Center model and the programs products and services developed by and delivered through Ultimate Destiny and its affiliated partners. Their shared vision is to facilitate the establishment of 10,000 local initiated Empowerment Resource Centers by 2012.

Ultimate Destiny has developed and will soon and issue a Request for Proposals for the first 10,000 of the $10,000 Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems that will be donated to nonprofit organizations through a competitive proposal process. This concept will be prototyped in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Michigan, home to the Kellogg Foundation and The Fetzer Institute in conjunction with Penny Kelly and the Center for Conscious Sustainable Living she and Charles Betterton co-founded in 2007.




Non-Profit Organizations