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10 Things You Can Do in the Next 10 Days to Harness Your Creative Power

by Kimberley Jace

 How creative are you? Brimming with new ideas, or muddling along with familiar ones? Have you ever watched one of your ideas suddenly “come to life” and take form? You might read about things you want to see and do, but they seem out of reach. You know sometimes you are able to make things happen – but at other times, it seems life is just happening to you, beyond your control.

In truth, the first step toward unleashing your ability to create your own life is believing in yourself. No amount of inspiration and raw material will unlock this power. The power is in your hands, and has been all along.

Examining your own beliefs about your creative power – then working to improve those beliefs -- is the first step toward attracting anything you want. Man’s mind is like a garden; whether you plant flowers or vegetables or just let the weeds come up, something will grow there. You have the ability to decide what your harvest will be.

In Harnessing Your Creative Power and Subconscious Mind from Ultimate Destiny University, you’ll find a self-assessment quiz that reveals how well you are in control of the creative process, as well as material to help you understand the results, and references to the books and films that can shake your view of life “happening to you” and remind you that you are the creator of your own reality.

Here are 10 things you can do in the next 10 days to get control of that creative power. Read one item from this list each day and work on incorporating it into your life. As you add new skills, don’t forget to keep up the lessons from the earlier days.

These are subtle but important changes in perspective and behavior that will help you become the most creative person you can be.

  1. Stop negative talk. Decide that today, and from here on, that you will never describe yourself or your situation in negative terms. Never again say, “I’m broke” or “I’m so stupid” or “I’m bad at math.” Unless you actually want to be poor and stupid with an unbalanced check bok, stop sending energy to those negative concepts.

  2. Visualize. Take some time to form a mental picture of yourself as someone whose life is full of abundance. What do you have that you’ve always wanted? What does it feel like to know all your needs are met? Develop the most complete picture you can of yourself living an ideal life, and return to that image often throughout the day.

  3. Affirm. It’s not enough to just stop saying bad things about yourself and your life; you must say that you are blessed. No matter what condition you are in at this moment, you have the power to claim a better condition. When you wake up in the morning, say aloud, “I can create any reality I choose today.” As you drive, repeat, “Every day in every way, my life is getting better and better.” Before you retire at night, say aloud, “All my needs are met, and I have created a beautiful day of life.” Draw energy to that perfect vision of yourself by describing your vision in words – out loud.

  4. Pray. If you’re not a religious type, or not sure you believe in “God,” then choose your higher self, a higher power, Nature, guardian angels, or whatever you think is “out there.” When you need help, put your request in three parts: ask, affird and thank. “Spirit, please help me pay these bills. I now have more than enough money to pay my bills. Thank you, Spirit, for filling my life with abundance.”

  5. Write a goal. Begin with that perfect picture of yourself from Day #2, but expand it now. See yourself doing the things perfectly happy person would do, and write those things down. “I can walk into any store and buy whatever I want, I feel healthy and full of energy, I am loved and protected and free.”

  6. Write a plan. To empower your mind will require action. Figure out some of the steps on that path. Do you need to watch a film like “The Secret” or “What the Bleep Do We Know” for inspiration? Participate in group visualization or masterminding? Find others who will stand in agreement with your goals? Choose one action plan and write down the first step. If you decide to watch a motivational film, rent or buy it, and find out where you can get more information about that film online.

  7. Feel grateful. It might sound counter-intuitive to be “thankful” for things you haven’t yet received, but that attitude of gratitude will bring those things to you. Thank your God, or life itself, for your health, abundant prosperity, and loving relationships. Don’t worry about how those things might happen. Trust in your subconscious mind to find the way.

  8. Forgive. This is a difficult step for many people, but it’s vital. Imagine: When you feel anger, you create negativity that both you and the object of your anger feel. When you worry, you set up the template for the very things you worry about to occur. Let go of the wrongs that have been done to you; send those people light and let them go. Forget about those who might yet hurt you. Imagine them as peaceful and loving, and let them go. When people do hurt you, forgive them immediately instead of internalizing what they say or do. And don’t be angry at yourself if you’ve “created” a life that is making you unhappy. You didn’t have that power under control, but now you can.

  9. Release the past. You don’t have to be the way you’ve always been. The patterns in your life can be changed at any moment, in the blink of an eye, as soon as you let go of what was. If you’re used to thinking of yourself as unhappy, unlucky, unhealthy, even doomed or cursed – then today is your lucky day. Because today, you can realize that you’re only what you believe you are. Believe you are happy, lucky and healthy, and the universe will instantly begin to turn in that direction. You are born anew.

  10. Let joy in. Even after we have begun to take control of creating our reality, we forget to be happy. In the hard work of making our lives what we need them to be, we forget that joy begets joy. When we take time to feel happiness, it attracts more happiness to us. Use “remembered joy” as a key to reclaiming happiness, even in the midst of despair. You always have this power. And if you have trouble remembering a joyful time, go out and have some new ones to refresh your memory.

 After you’ve spent 10 days unlearning bad habits, learning good ones, and adding activities to your day, see if you can keep them up for another 10 days, and then perfect them in the 10 days after that. Pray, visualize and affirm every day. Watch what you say and think, and keep yourself positive. Forgive those who wrong you and feel grateful for the things that go right. Keep writing down your goals and action plans. When you catch yourself clinging to old ways, let them go. And let yourself feel good about it!

One month from today, you’ll be headed in a whole new direction – toward abundance and prosperity.

Harnessing Your Creative Power and Subconscious Mind is just one of 12 primary facets of manifesting your ultimate destiny. Ultimate Destiny University.com also offers training to help you determine and understand your attitudes about personal relationships, physical health, and other areas.

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