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10 Things You Can Do in the Next 10 Days to Fulfill Your Mission
By Kimberley Jace

Is your life on track? Do you know where you’re heading, and how well you are progressing toward your goals?
Maybe you’re still trying to figure out what you’ll be “when you grow up.” While others set out toward certain careers, you’re still floundering.

Or maybe you once wrote out a list of things you wanted to accomplish, but now you can’t remember where you put that list – or what was on it. Maybe you should have made keeping track of your goals one of the priorities on that list.

You don’t have to have a firm career in mind in order to make progress toward fulfilling your life’s purpose. The truth is, a simple shift in your perspective can make the difference between a life of achievement and satisfaction, and one of just muddling through until you die.

Examining your own beliefs about your life’s mission, then working to clarify and detail those beliefs, is a definite step toward finding that mission. Unless you’re willing to think about your life in that way – as a joyful march toward your destiny – life might pass you by unlived.

In Fulfilling Your Life Purpose, Mission and Goals from Ultimate Destiny University, you will find self-assessment questions that reveal your underlying attitudes about the course of your life, as well as material to help you understand the results, and references to the books that really make a difference -- books that teach you not what you should be, but how you can learn to determine that for yourself.

Can’t wait to start? Here are 10 things you can do in the next 10 days to  take the first steps on the path toward fulfilling your mission. Read one item from this list each day and work on incorporating it into your life. As you add new skills, don’t forget to keep up the lessons from the earlier days.

These are subtle but important changes in perspective and behavior that will help you become the most successful person you can be.

1. Stop negative talk. Decide that today, and from here on, that you will never describe your life and progress in negative terms. Never again say, “I have no idea where I belong” or “I’m not in a position to make much of a difference in the world.” Unless you actually want to stay lost and insignificant, stop sending energy to those negative concepts.

2. Visualize. Take some time to form a mental picture of yourself as someone who is making sure, steady progress toward a mission in life. How do you feel while going about your daily activities? And picture yourself toward the end of your life, reviewing all the many accomplishments that make you proud. How will it feel to know you lived life fully? Develop the most complete picture you can of yourself as successful, and return to that image often throughout the day.

3. Affirm. It’s not enough to just stop saying you are lost; you must affirm that you know your direction in life. No matter what condition you are in at this moment, you have the power to claim a better condition. When you wake up in the morning, say aloud, “I know who I am, and where I’m going.” As you drive, repeat, “I see progress in my life every day.” Before you retire at night, say aloud, “I’ve spent a productive day, I learned a lot, and I feel myself moving toward my goals.” Draw energy to that perfect vision of yourself by describing your vision in words – out loud – and often.

4. Pray. If you’re not a religious type, or not sure you believe in God, then choose your higher self, a higher power, Nature, guardian angels, or whatever you think is “out there.” Ask for help in three parts: a request, an affirmation and a thank-you. “Spirit, please clarify my purpose in life. I am now doing what I was intended to do. Thank you, Spirit, for guiding me.”

5. Know yourself. You are the expert on you, and the more you understand about yourself, the better you can guide your progress. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but we do have clues: our passions and our talents. What do you really care about? What makes your heart soar, or pound with excitement? And what are you really good at? Don’t assume you only like or excel at the same things others do; your passions and talents are likely to be quite different from everyone else’s. Take time to write down the moments in your life when you have felt really alive and happy; your passions are in there. Then think about what you have to offer. Get help from those who love you if necessary. What has drawn praise to you? When have you felt special? Your talents are there. Write this down.

6. Write a plan. Your life should have a mission statement and a clear set of short- and long-range goals. Your mission statement will reflect both your passions and your values. “I do my best to help children and animals because I’m a defender of the helpless” or “I do my best to help my community, because I believe in people working together.” When your mission statement is clear, you can derive goals from it. Do you want to organize a humane society, or a foster home for children? Do you want to run for political office, or campaign for a social change? Write down a list of many possible things you’d like to accomplish that would help fulfill your mission, and be ready to add goals as you think of them.

7. Track yourself. Develop a system to review your goals and decide on your next steps. Some experts suggest spending a few minutes at the end of each week looking at what you accomplished and planning the next week’s priorities. At the end of the year, you might want to spend a weekend doing the same thing in greater depth, reviewing the year and making plans instead of “resolutions” for the coming year. Some people like to do this on a birthday. Decide when you will touch base with your basic plan, and schedule those times now.

8. Feel grateful. It might sound counter-intuitive to be “thankful” for your successful life if you feel you’ve accomplished nothing yet. But that attitude of gratitude will help draw success to you. Thank your God, or life itself, that you have found the perfect mission and are making steady progress toward it. Imagine how grateful you will feel looking back at a life well-lived, and hold that feeling in your heart.

9. Release the past. This is a difficult step for many people, but it’s vital. Remember: You can start from this moment to take charge of your life. If you now believe you weren’t given the right direction in your life – by parents, teachers and mentors – forgive them. The people you’ve known did what they knew how to do to guide you, and now you can take responsibility to guide yourself. If you feel you have wasted much of your life, forgive yourself, too. You’ve done what you knew how to do so far, and you’ve learned. You weren’t ready before to take charge of your life – but now, you are. Let go of what was. If you’re accustomed to reacting to life’s crises instead of staking out opportunities, that was yesterday. Your tomorrows can be whatever you want them to be. You are born anew.

10. Let joy in. Sometimes we become so discouraged, we forget to appreciate the small steps forward that make up each day. We don’t notice our progress, or we think we’re imagining it. But to have joy in your life, you’re going to have to let yourself appreciate every right choice you make. Joy is often fleeting; recognize it when it comes and savor it fully. It will return more often.

You have now spent 10 days unlearning bad habits, learning good ones, and adding activities to your day. See if you can keep them up for another 10 days, and then perfect them in the 10 days after that. Pray, visualize and affirm every day. Watch what you say and think, and keep yourself positive. Forgive those who wrong you and feel grateful for the things that go right. Keep writing down your goals and action plans, and put those plans into action! When you catch yourself clinging to old ways, let them go. And let yourself feel good about it!

One month from today, you’ll be on your way to doing whatever you were born to do.


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