Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.
”   Plato

Which of the 12 facets of manifesting
your ultimate destiny are
most important to you?

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Discover Your Dreams, Fulfill Your Purpose and Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny!


“Inherently, each one of us has the substance within to achieve whatever our goals and dreams define. What is missing from each of us is the training, education, knowledge and insight to utilize what we already have.”  -- Mark Twain

Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living (UDU) is a non-profit membership organization created to help members and students realize more of your inherent potential, fulfill your life purpose and manifest your ultimate destiny (whatever that means to you personally). UDU publishes, produces and distributes programs, products and services to facilitate personal, organizational and community empowerment, enlightenment, consciousness, sustainability and transformation.

The ultimate goal of Ultimate Destiny is to help Expand the Circle of Success for Solving Our Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles by helping establish a network of non-profit Community Resource Centers that will provide Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century.

Ultimate Destiny University features some of the world's leading authorities as "faculty members" and resource providers in dozens of "colleges" and fields of study as shown in the diagram.  The programs and featured resources cover 12 major facets of fulfilling your ultimate destiny. Click here to read a news release about how Armand Morin's Big Seminar has helped us.

Many of the faculty members and featured resource providers have been given the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award. The award recognizes individuals and in some cases programs) that help individuals realize more of their potential and fulfill your destiny. Included are the essential Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century.


Conscious Energy Exchange and
"Pay What It's Worth To You!"

We are happy to provide memberships in the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living and in each of the individual "Colleges for Successful Living"
on a voluntary donation basis, Imagine That!



Ultimate Destiny
Success System

Presenting A Treasure Chest of Resources
for Leadership, Healing, Empowerment,
Enlightenment and Transformation.

The Ultimate Destiny Success System includes the 14 stand-alone programs listed below with over 1,200 pages of self-assessment quizzes, application exercises and featured resources in each area of discovering and co-creating your ultimate destiny.

Each of the individual programs consists of an online Ultimate Success University Resource Center for that topic. Individual E-books are offered at introductory prices of only $9.97 (except for the 248 page Solving Your Ultimate Success Puzzle which is $14.97). The printed editions are only $14.95 to $19.95. The complete Ultimate Destiny Success System is available for $77 electronically, $97 for the complete library on a CD and $197 for the complete set of 14 print books.

Each individual program in the Ultimate Destiny Success System is designed as a stand-alone YOUniversity for Successful Living for the featured "Successful Living Skills" of Enjoying Loving Positive Relationships; Fulfilling Your Life Purpose; Achieving Ultimate Success in Business or Career, Enjoying Optimal Health and Well-Being, Enjoying Financial Freedom and Prosperity, etc.

Ultimate Destiny University for
Manifesting Your
Ultimate Destiny


Ultimate Destiny University for
Solving Your Ultimate
Destiny Success Puzzle

Ultimate Destiny University for
Realizing Your
Ultimate Potential

Ultimate Destiny University for
Enjoying Ultimate
Health and Fitness

Ultimate Destiny University for
Fulfilling Your Life
Purpose, Mission and Goals

Ultimate Destiny University for
Enjoying Loving,
Positive Relationships

Ultimate Destiny University for Achieving Ultimate Success
in Your Business or Career

Ultimate Destiny University for
Enjoying Financial
Freedom and Prosperity

Ultimate Destiny University for
Raising Your
Consciousness Level

Ultimate Destiny University for Attaining Spiritual

Ultimate Destiny University for Harnessing Your
Creative Mind Power

Ultimate Destiny University for
Enjoying Peace and
Balance in All Areas of Life

Ultimate Destiny University for
Making A Difference
and Leaving A Legacy

Ultimate Destiny University for
Fostering Personal
and Planetary Sustainability

Ultimate Destiny University for
Solving Our Personal,
Community, National and
Global Success Puzzles


NOTE from the Publisher: These are not just publications! The Ultimate Destiny Success System is a comprehensive "strategic marketing matrix"™ of interactive programs that offer advanced training in some of the most  essential successful living skills for the 21st Century. It is also a “co-creative process” designed to continuously evolve over time through input and participation by readers like you. Click here for more background details. You may also enjoy reviewing the Foreword to the Ultimate Destiny Success System that provides more details of how uniquely it has been designed.


How would participation in Ultimate Destiny best serve you? Click Here for an introduction to Ultimate Destinyland that presents information on various ways to participate.

There have been hundreds of magazine and newspaper article written about the history and evolution of what is now being launched as Ultimate Destiny University. Click here for just a few examples of media coverage. Thank you!

If you would like to help us provide expanded access to development training programs including the Ultimate Destiny Success System through a network of non-profit CAN DO! Community Resource Centers,  please  Click Here for a PDF that presents the Overview and initial use of the Seed Grants we are seeking.

  Charles Betterton,
Ultimate Destiny Cofounder and Coauthor with the Small Group Discussion Guidebooks

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Ultimate Destiny University presents the Ultimate Destiny Success System for Expanding the Circle of Success by providing Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century through a network of local non-profit CAN DO! Community Resource Centers that will help generate greater individual and collective capacity for Solving Personal, Community, National and Global Ultimate Success Puzzles!

We are inviting our Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients to help donate 100 million dollars worth of development training programs over the next 10 years to and through non-profit organizations to generate greater capacity to address the increasing social, economic and environmental challenges we face.

        Donations to help provide scholarships and matching grants are welcomed!

Ultimate Destiny University is a part of the Ultimate Destinyland Network.

Invitation to Help Us Manifest StewardHeirShip™ of a 134 acre property south of Sedona, AZ as a center for conscious sustainable living, a retreat center, community land trust and or intentional community.

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