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Get Started with the Ultimate Destiny Success System

Buy an advance copy of the Ultimate Destiny Success System at Special Pre-launch tuition of only $77, the CD for $97, individual digital books for only $9.97 and print books for $14.95.

Enjoy the empowering transformational benefits as a
Charter Member of the Ultimate Destiny University!

Membership includes the complete Ultimate Destiny Success System, special discounts, coaching, membership services.
The pre-launch tuition is only $20 a month or $197 for
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Participate in the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards

Nominate someone (maybe yourself), companies, and
non-profit organizations that are helping others realize
more of their potential for the Ultimate Destiny Hall of
Fame Awards
for each of the 12 main categories.


Help Your Service Club, Church or Non-Profit Prosper

Discover how letting members know about the resources available from Ultimate Destiny can earn non-profit organizations a donation of 50% up to 110%. The Ultimate Fundraising Programs from Ultimate Destiny are part of our Expanding the Circle of Success and Pay It Forward programs.

Earn While You Learn!

Join Ultimate Destiny Network as an Affiliate, Strategic Alliance Partner, Featured Resource Provider, Trainer or Facilitator,
become an author, publisher or Internet marketer ( or perhaps even become part of the Ultimate Destiny Network Company itself.

(Accredited investors see the Investment Marketing Memorandum)


Help Expand the Circle of Success

Sponsor and participate in our program to establish non-profit Empowerment Resource Centers to serve and help empower underserved populations. We are inviting our Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients to help donate 100 million dollars worth of development training programs to and through non-profit organizations (NPOs) to generate greater capacity to address the increasing social, economic and environmental challenges we face.

Help Solve Personal and Global Success Puzzles

Participate in our program to establish a national (and then international) network of local non-profit CAN DO! Community Empowerment Resource Centers to provide Community Economic Development resources for Self-Help, Empowerment
and Capacity Building for underserved populations.

Empowerment Training Mentoring System

Sponsor An Empowerment Resource Center

Help establish an Empowerment Resource Center and
or Empowerment Training Mentoring System
in your community to help residents learn Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century that will help them realize more of their potential, and help create and save jobs..

For more information, write to Ultimate Destiny, PO Box 20072, Sedona, AZ 86341
Call 928-284-2671 or send an email to

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