Expanding the Circle of Success

Helping Individuals, Organizations and Communities Realize More of Your
Inherent Potential for Solving
Personal, Community and Global
"Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzles"

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Potential Investor Overview to Expanding the Circle of Success

Working with accredited investors interested in "doing well while doing good" by investing in businesses that include the 4Ps of Purpose, People, Planet and Profitability and that publish, produce and distribute resources for personal, community and social transformation and sustainability

Ideal Strategic Alliance Partners for Universal StewardHeirShip, Inc. Would:

Share the cofounders’ commitment to building the company on the 4Ps Model of Purpose, People, Planet and Profitability.

Share the cofounders’ dedication to the 4Ss of Spirit, Service, Stewardship and Sustainability. (Please Click Here to review the Company’s response to the question “How do you design a business with a spiritual foundation?”  on Spirit in Business)

Share the vision, mission and commitment to “Expanding the Circle of Success”.

Have a global infrastructure that our programs, products and services can be distributed through

Have the audio video production and order fulfillment capacities needed.

Be familiar (and ideally experienced) with social enterprise and joint ventures between companies and nonprofit organizations.

Have the web design, development and Internet marketing capabilities needed to help ensure the ultimate success of our Expanding the Circle of Success Projects and the Company itself

Own, operate or have access to training facilities where we can deliver and videotape our workshops and seminars and training-of-trainers for facilitators.   

Have an interest in cooperative stewardship of physical facilities such as training class rooms, retreat centers and or intentional communities.

Have access to expansion capital as needed.

Have access to government and private foundation funding for grants and contracts.

For More Information: Please contact Charles Betterton by phone at 928-554-4715 or by email to ceo@universalstewardheirship.com.  Accredited Investors are invited to review the Investment Marketing Memorandum for Universal Stewardheirship, Inc.

Potential investors may also be interested in the Revenue Participation Opportunities


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