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The Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Empowerment and Enlightenment

Providing Resources for Helping You A.R.K.  Awaken to Spirit; Realize More of Your Potential; and Know
How to Fulfill Your Divine Destiny

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Workshops & Seminars - The Ultimate Life Impowerment Planning System

Empowerment is a term widely used today in social services and community economic development. It is usually defined as helping people and communities learn how to help themselves and take control over their environment and their lives. The primary purpose of The Ultimate Life Inpowerment™ Planning System is to help you discover and actualize your inherent power that is meant to help you fulfill your highest possible destiny, thence the word" inpowerment." Inpowerment™  goes beyond empowerment to acknowledge that the Source of all Wisdom, all Knowledge, all Power, and all Supply is within each one of us.

Topics Covered Workshop Includes
Spiritually Oriented Goals Achievement Techniques
Partnership Agreement With The Lord
Getting the Most Out of Self-Help Materials
Spiritual Economics and Prosperity Consciousness
Effective Visualization and Use of Affirmations
Realizations and Resolutions
Protecting Yourself in Self-help Programs
Tapping Your Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Powers
Resource Materials: Book Lists, Audio/Video Catalog
Everyone who attends will receive a 100+ page TULIPS Workbook.
Computer disk with all exercises, forms, and affirmation statements
Ordering Information
The Ultimate Life Inpowerment Planning System workshop is provided at various locations on a donation basis with proceeds benefiting our local host or sponsor. The digital workbook is available for a donation and the printed version is available for $97.
Please contact us for more information.

Workshop Presenter  

          Charles Betterton
Charles Betterton is Founder and President of the non-profit organizations: CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment), the University for Successful Living, Ultimate Destiny University and New Thought University

He is a Success Coach Trainer and an Empowerment Consultant Trainer. He is the author of Introduction To Personal Success Techniques™, Motivision™: 21 Steps To Successful Living, The Ultimate Life Inpowerment™ Planning. System, Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord, and the Ultimate Destiny Success System.

"We look too far afield for God. We do not need to take a telescope or microscope for what is closer than the nearest fellow-creature, nearer than the air we breath, or the food we eat. We have only to become receptive and ask for guidance, and God manifests Himself through our acts, and the wisdom of our decisions. "In Him we live, and move, and have our being." This is literally true, and the soul that ponders upon it will receive illumination." (The Power Within, Newcomb)

Our ultimate vision is blessing and helping millions of people to A.R.K.--Awaken to Spirit, Realize their potential and Know how to create their Ultimate Destiny. We have created a Strategic Marketing Matrix to demonstrate how we plan to facilitate the Ultimate Success of CENTER SPACE. It shows how all the individual facets are strategically interconnected.

We invite your cocreative participation in helping complete these 22+ programs
that are in various stages of development.

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