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The Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Empowerment and Enlightenment

Providing Resources for Helping You A.R.K.  Awaken to Spirit; Realize More of Your Potential; and Know
How to Fulfill Your Divine Destiny

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Would you like to have God as your major partner in life?

Could you use help in holding the highest possible vision of who you are, why you are here and all you can be and do?

Would you like to be, do and have everything that is possible?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you will want to take this opportunity to participate in a unique new program.

Topics Covered                                                       Workshop Details

Partnership Agreement with the Lord
Setting Spiritually Centered Goals & Resolutions
Daily Disciplines Toward Godhood
Daily Mindstorming Exercise
Be Still and Know I am God
Biblical Scriptures on Successful Living
Excerpts from God Calling, Ye Are Gods, and Unity Pamphlets
Everyone who attends will receive a 20 page workbook.
Ordering Information
The workshop is made available on a donation basis with proceeds benefiting our local host or sponsor and CENTER SPACE. The workbook may be obtained with a donation.

Workshop Presenter


            Charles Betterton

Charles Betterton is Co-Founder and President of Universal Empowerment, CENTER SPACE, the University for Successful Living and Ultimate Destiny University.

He is a Success Coach Trainer and an Empowerment Consultant Trainer. He is the author of Introduction To Personal Success Techniques™, Motivision™: 21 Steps To Successful Living, and The Ultimate Life Inpowerment™ Planning System.


Our ultimate vision is blessing and helping millions of people to A.R.K.--Awaken to Spirit, Realize their potential and Know how to create their Ultimate Destiny. We have created a Strategic Marketing Matrix to demonstrate how we plan to facilitate the Ultimate Success of CENTER SPACE. It shows how all the individual facets are strategically interconnected.

We invite your cocreative participation in helping complete these 22+ programs
that are in various stages of development.

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