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Overview of How Ultimate Destinyland™ Is Co-creating A Billion Dollar Enterprise That Will Bless Millions of People and Leave a Trillion Dollar Legacy of Education, Empowerment and Enlightenment

Just after New Years 2010, my former wife Lyndal Betterton sent me a link to a story about an author who achieved major success as a result of first self-publishing her book through iUniverse. The subject of Lyndal’s email was just two words -- publisher or scam? This document evolved out of my initial response to that question. We are very familiar with iUniverse and other companies like them, including several who have asked us to work with them to publish our Ultimate Destiny Success System Library (UDSS).

The UDSS includes 14 stand-alone interactive digital programs on:

Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny; Realizing Your Ultimate Potential; Fulfilling Your Life Purpose and Mission; Enjoying Financial Freedom and Prosperity; Solving Your Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle; Harnessing Your Creative Power, Achieving Ultimate Success in Business or Career; Enjoying Loving Relationships; Raising Your Consciousness; Enjoying Ultimate Health and Well-Being; Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment; Enjoying Peace and Balance; Making a Difference and Leaving a Legacy; and Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability.

One of the best relevant publishers for the titles in our Ultimate Destiny Success System Library that we are publishing through our "cause-oriented" company Ultimate Destiny Network and marketing through our affiliated non-profit Ultimate Destiny University is Morgan James Publishing. They accepted my 80 page manuscript I submitted them in about 2007 as 1 of about 230 they accepted out of thousands that year. We would have paid them about $10,000, would have 1 copy of our book and earn a royalty of about 10% to 12%.
What I have learned is that Morgan James and dozens of other publishers essentially just act as a broker between an author and a print on demand service like Lightning Source ( the first and biggest POD partly owned by Ingram Distribution which helps get their titles into bookstores). The President of our company Ultimate Destiny has published over 12 books already through Lightning Source. We will publish all 14 of our initial titles through LSI with our own Ultimate Destiny Press imprint.

Here's the difference between a publisher like iUniverse, Morgan James and what we are doing ourselves, For less than the $10,000 Morgan James wanted that would have given us essentially 1 copy and a royalty of let’s say 10%, we will be able to print 100 copies of each of our first 14 books, that's 1,400 books, we will maintain the publisher’s profit (which is much larger than the author's royalty). Plus we get the added value of having our own publishing company and imprint, etc. We pay our coauthors 18% for each title (that's 6% cash, 6% allocation in the budget to pay them in the future and 6% stock in our company). When there are multiple coauthors on a title, we share the 18% accordingly.

Here's something else. Most of the money in publishing is in distribution. For example, a major distributor will get a discount of 50% to 65%. Then they distribute books to book stores and retailers and give them maybe 40%. The strategic marketing matrix that I have been inspired to create enables us to keep up to 100% of the profits from our titles and the distributors profits of the other titles we sell.

Actually, we will make as much money from other authors and self-publishers who are already asking us to publish and market their books as we will from selling our own titles. We already have a couple dozen clients and partners in the works as soon as we complete the launch of the UDSS Library.

If you take time to look at our web site at  www.ultimatepublishingandmarketingresources.com, you will see some of the best resources in publishing, self-publishing, marketing, PR and Internet marketing. My team and I have attended most of these programs and through our company, we have invested over $150,000 for training, hardware, software, memberships, coaching etc.

In addition, we earn an affiliate commission of 20% to 100% of any sales that we generate from these training resources. In many cases, when someone, say Arielle Ford (1 of the top 6 most influential people in book PR) reviews that page of the strategic alliances we have already established with other well known resource providers, they will offer to pay us a premium. Arielle offered to pay us a 50% commission for helping market her best selling program Everything You Need to Know About Publishing and Promotion instead of the usual 30%.

One of the main components of obtaining a publisher is having what is known as a "platform". What that means is the agents and publishers want a potential client to already have credentials, be publishing other  books, articles, giving seminars and workshops, having a data base, have effective marketing programs in place, media experience with radio and TV interviews, etc. The traditional publishers will say outright that the best they can provide most authors is maybe 90 days on a book store shelves. And if the author hasn't done most of the marketing and promotion to make sure their books sell, their books get returned after 90 days and are sold by the pound as "remainder stock".

I have attended dozens of 2 and 3 day training programs with Mark Victor Hansen (who with Jack Canfield) has sold 150 million books, Rick Frishman and others. One of my team members and I have completed the Best Seller Book Mentoring Program that is the process authors and self-publishers use to drive their titles to top position on Amazon.com B & N, etc. 

What Mark and Jack and the scores of publishers, publicists and distributors teach is rather than invest all of your time and money trying to attract the attention of a literary agency (which most publishers require you to work through) and then try to find the right publisher, they all say to do what we are doing and what the article on iUniverse Lyndal sent me is about.

Rather than focus on just one title, my team and I have continued to hold the vision that we could most effectively accomplish our vision and mission by publishing an initial library of related titles, hence the Ultimate Destiny Success System Library. Most experts are training authors to write more small books and it only takes 80 pages to be able to have a spine imprint.

Most Internet marketing training teachers say to focus on keywords of particular interest to a market niche or narrow interest. That is why we are publishing 14 titles as a system. For each title, we have built a web site, a blog site, a webinar, a seminar and or workshop, self-assessment instruments, featured resources, a Hall of Fame Award for that topic, etc.

We have developed key word ads for “pay Per Click” ads sites such as google, yahoo, msn, FaceBook, etc. We have already written at least 2 or 3 introductory articles for each title and we have developed strategic alliances and joint venture marketing agreements with the major authors and resource providers in each of these related fields. As a result of the marketing system we have developed and the fact that we are already featuring these best known authors and trainers and because we have already set them up as our affiliates, they will gladly help us market our programs and products to their customers in mutually beneficial ways.

The fact that we have already achieved top search engine positioning on most of our keyword phrases which are also our primary titles before we have even launched indicates that we will soon be recognized for our major accomplishments that are perhaps best represented by our strategic marketing systems (www.strategicmarketingmatrix.com ).

Given what I have shared so far about the significant advantages of self-publishing, we will publish almost all of our titles ourselves. However, there are still substantial benefits that a traditional publisher can bring such as higher mainstream credibility and greater access to book stores, greater likelihood of getting on the New York Times and USA Today best seller lists. For that reason, we have been exploring for quite some time how to obtain the best possible literary agency and publisher.

About 3 years ago at one of Mark Victor Hansen's Mega Book Marketing University 3 day events, I "won" the opportunity to sit down with a literary agent and "pitch" our book proposal. The agent I got to meet with was also Rick Warren's agent (who has sold many million copies of the Purpose Driven Life, etc). After I presented what we already had in place at that time in terms of what is now our strategic marketing matrix, he just smiled and said "You don't need a publisher. You already have enough of the pieces in place to ensure your success."

Last April when I started sending inquiry letters to potential literary agents, I complied with the directions of every expert in the field that you should never talk with an agent or publisher about more than 1 title. They say that agents and publishers don't care about sequels until you already have a best seller.

I used access to a data base of about 900 agents that I had acquired through one of the training programs I attended and received about 400 replies, mostly form letters rejections. I did receive over 50 positive responses including a few from the top 12 potential agents we had identified including Waterside Productions (Dummies books, Tolle's New Earth).

After dealing with that process for about 8 weeks, Spirit had me send another totally revised query letter to the entire list of about 900 agents stating up front in the subject line that it was for a series of 14 titles. Well, this time I did not receive as many total responses because the subject line had turned off most of the agents.

BUT one of the agents who responded very favorably was also with Waterside Productions.  As a result of several conversations he and I had, we signed an exclusive literary agency agreement with Bill Gladstone, founder and President of Waterside Productions. They have sold over 5,000 books to publishers and generated about 150 million dollars for their clients. One of the main reasons that our agent said they decided to work with us was the one page web site I had created to apply our strategic marketing matrix to how we would sell the Ultimate Destiny Success System.

Now here's another cool point . . . We are going ahead and publishing all 14 titles, initially electronically and then in print. Each of our titles includes language that will help enhance the successful marketing of the titles we will publish through a traditional publisher. For example, one of the potential two titles the agency is most interested in is Solving Our Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles.

We already have 4 highly recognized experts in personal, community and global development on board and two of them are PhD's and the third is an MD. In addition to their content being featured in the book, we will include content from some of the first 50 recipients of our Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award.

Another main title (and potential series of titles) that our agent feels they can sell to a publisher is Discover How to Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny, The subsequent titles that we have already gathered world-class content providers for could be: Discover How to Manifest Your Company's Ultimate Destiny  or your Organization's UD (for non-profits) or Your Community's UD for communities.

Each of our initial 14 titles will have language branding one of these potential major titles that we will publish through a traditional publisher. For example, each of the 14 has a statement across the top of the cover Discover How to Co-create Your Ultimate Destiny  and then the title in large print such as Enjoying Loving Relationships, etc.

I mentioned the Best Seller Book marketing program earlier. That is where an author will have as many joint venture partners as possible send email messages to their list asking them to buy a particular book on Amazon.com on a set date. When someone sends the receipt from Amazon.com back to whoever invited them to participate, they then receive thousands of dollars worth of bonuses, mostly provided by the JV partners who are participating in the campaign. These experts give away their products because in the process, they get to add new names of potential customers to their mailing lists.

What we are doing encompasses, but is far beyond, that strategy.

The first person to apply the Best Seller Book Marketing system to an ebook was David Riklan, founder of Selfgrowth.com and SelfGrowthMarketing.com. In the first 24 hours of his campaign, he sold over $108,000 worth of his ebook, Imagine That! I met David through Mark Victor Hansen and at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar (one of my mentors and top Internet marketers who has earned over 50 million on line).

When David announced that he was going to provide training on how to do what he did, I was the first person to sign up for $1,000. I have completed his course 3 times, learning more every time.  

It was largely David's training that has helped evolve the Ultimate Destiny Success System to the potential it has to build a billion dollar enterprise. In response to a question about to price an ebook, David said: “A ‘digital program' is worth more than an ebook. A multi media program is worth more than a digital program and the best of all is a ‘system’ that includes interactive digital programs".

Within a few minutes of hearing David say that, I had renamed our initial product and bought the additional domain names such as Ultimate Destiny Success System. I also raised the prices for our ebooks from $9.97 to $14.97.

David Riklan also validated our strategy of publishing multiple titles targeted to specific areas of interest such as relationships, prosperity, health, spiritual, etc. At that time, Selfgrowth had almost a million email addresses in their data base in 9 primary areas of interest.

If you take a few minutes (and I encourage you to do so) and go to any of the 14 main web sites for the Ultimate Destiny Success System and sign up for our free newsletter, you will be given an opportunity to indicate which of about 12 areas you are interested in.

The Constant Contact mailing list system states: Please select the areas of interest for which you would like to receive occasional email from us.

General Interest

Personal Achievement


Health and Fitness

Spiritual Enlightenment

Business Success

Harness Creative Power

Financial Freedom and Prosperity

Raising Consciousness

Peace and Balance


Making A Difference

Fulfill Life Purpose

New Thought

Internet Marketing

Earning Income

While we initially publish only 1 main Ultimate Destiny newsletter, we will eventually publish as many as dozens of ezines targeted to the primary areas of interest that subscribers to the main list tell us they want. Another key to ultimate success in Internet marketing is to be able to customize a message to the market niche that cares about that topic.

For example, when we have enough subscribers to our main newsletter who demonstrate that they are most interested in financial freedom and prosperity, then we will publish a newsletter for them with all of the content directed to just that one facet of fulfilling their ultimate destiny.

Anther key phrase in Internet marketing is "trusted agent" or "trusted agent relationship". What that refers to is someone who has established a positive relationship with someone else who will be positively inclined to follow their suggestion or recommendation.

For example, if I ask someone to buy the Ultimate Destiny Success System, only a fraction of a percent may accept my offer if they don't know me and if they haven't already benefited somehow from an affiliation with me or the organization I represent. However, when people like Mark Victor Hansen ask their list to buy a product, the response rate can be 5%, 10%, 25%, or even higher than that. Just one email from one of these experts can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars . . .

Guess what? Our UDSS will be introduced by some of the world's top authors and trainers to millions of potential customers and subscribers in just the next few weeks and months. Some of the best trusted agents in the world just happen to also be recipients of the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards, Imagine That! Now these leading "joint venture partners" who have lists of hundreds of thousands and even millions of people are constantly inundated by people asking them to participate in helping market their products.

As a result, these experts are strategic in how they select what offers to make to their lists.  Because we already feature their products in all of our Ultimate Destiny programs, by honoring them with the Hall of Fame Award, and have already set them up as what is known as "super affiliates" in our shopping cart (so they earn 50% of any sales they generate for us), they are highly motivated to help promote our products. In cases where they also have or support a favorite non-profit, we will donate another 50% of any sales they generate to that NPO through our Ultimate Fundraising Program.

So how in the hell can we pay out up to 110% of a sale you might ask? Well keep in mind these facts:

(1) Our cost of goods for our digital products including getting the product to a customer is $0.

(2) Our objective is to build our Opt In list of subscribers to our free newsletter so we can establish a trusted agent relationship with them and sell them something later.

(3) All of our publications are filled with hyperlinks and Featured Resources, all of which earn us far more money than the purchase price of an ebook. 

(4) the donations of up to 110% to a tax exempt NPO require them to actively promote our products for at least 6 months, we get a tax deduction from the donation we make to them and we enjoy the float of the income from their sales for 120 days because of our 90 cash refund guarantee to purchasers, and

(5) the expert who invited us to help raise funds for their charity loves us. Does that help demonstrate the substantial advantages of our giving away up to 110% of these sales?

In addition, all of our publications mention the main training programs we have attended such as Mark Victor Hansen's training or T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind trainings, etc. and those are hyperlinked to the affiliate programs we participate. So whenever someone goes to their training or buys their products through our affiliate link, we automatically receive a commission.

Until recently when Mark stopped offering his Mega Book Training, we would earn up to $647.50 for every participant we generated for him. Now he pays us a commission for his new program, Wealthy Writers Wisdom course. In addition, every one of our publications markets all of our other programs AND they all have featured resources sections that earn us money including several web site portals like www.ultimatepublishingandmarketingresources.com

The book The Long Tail explains the significance and value of this never ending process of tailoring our content to the interest of our customers and how it works. Perhaps the best example is what happens when a customer logs into Amazon.com and their system knows just what to show you based on what they have learned about your interests from prior purchases and page views.

My family and childhood friends may remember that I used to love to play Scrabble. I was usually the highest score winner or the lowest score loser because I was always seeking the 50 point bonus for a 7 letter word. Of course I sometime pissed off other players (hard to imagine I realize . . .) because I would keep trading letters until I achieved the 7 letter word. I bring that up because it is somewhat similar to what we have been co-creating for a few years now.

While we could have started selling individual titles and build up our mailing list and customer base slowly, instead we have built an innovative, leading-edge strategic approach that will eventually become a billion dollar enterprise, perhaps in just a few months now. The billionaire who offered us 20 million in cash and part of his public company a few years ago saw what we are building and knew its value. Now I have to admit there have been quite a few times since we turned down his offer that I have asked myself “What in the hell were we thinking?”

Most of the time I KNOW it was more like “What in the Heaven are we inspired by Spirit to BE as we manifest stewardship over what has been entrusted to us.  And so, many, probably most people would say we are crazy to believe we can build a billion dollar company, especially in this economy. What's really crazy is just how simple that process is already manifesting and I believe our business model is destined for ultimate success. I won't go into the details at this time (and yes I hear the applause and sighs of relief), but here is the secret of our ultimate success.

By incorporating a spiritual foundation in our Company, by developing the programs, products and systems that we have created, by developing strategic alliances with many of the best known authors, trainers and resource providers on the planet, by operating through what we refer to as a Strategic Marketecture TM of cause-oriented companies and our affiliated non-profit organizations, by being able to demonstrate success in producing award winning programs and events with world-class authors and trainers such as Norman Vincent Peale, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, William E. Bailey, Bonnie St. John, Chin Ning Chu etc. for up to 1,800 participants in a county of only 100,000 residents, and through our award-winning models for Community Empowerment Resource Centers, we will be able to build a billion dollar enterprise just by redirecting 1/2 of 1% of the 210 billion dollar development training industry.

The experts in Internet marketing teach that "Content is King" and "The List" (or data base of potential customers) is Queen. Our goal is to build an Opt In subscriber list of more than 1 million subscribers by 2012 and we have all the pieces in place to succeed.

We have a strategic marketing matrix in place for accomplishing our shared vision of blessing millions of people all over the world, manifesting stewardship over billions of dollars in the process and leaving a treasure chest of programs and resources that will eventually produce a trillion dollar legacy of positive impact on the world. Through our programs such as CAN DO!, the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards, and our Ultimate Fundraising Programs that enable participating NPOs to receive donations of up to 110% of any sales they generate of our products, thousands of individuals and organizations will be highly motivated to help us.

Through our Expanding the Circle of Success Campaign we will direct the donation over 10 years of 100 million dollars worth of development training programs to and through an international network of non-profit agency partners including our Empowerment Resource Centers™ and ETMS Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems™. All of what I have addressed here in this overview actually comprises maybe only 10% of what we are co-creating as Ultimate Destinyland™.

Now this response to Lyndal’s two-word question will  become part of our best-selling book about how we built a billion dollar enterprise that blesses millions of people, all over the world helping them A.R.K -- Awaken to Spirit, Realize more of their potential and Know how to discover and co-create their ultimate destiny.

We welcome you to Ultimate Destinyland and invite you to explore how participation might benefit you. Click Here for an overview of the available opportunities for equity investments and revenue participation agreements.

Thank you. And thanks again for asking Lyndal.

Charles Betterton


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