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Non-Profit Organization Overview to Expanding the Circle of Success

Fostering Organizational Development and Empowerment by providing resources for increasing effectiveness and efficiency, empowering motivating, rewarding and managing employees and fulfilling your mission and purpose.

To help organizations develop and achieve their ultimate objectives, we provide services similar to those provided for personal and professional development. We add to those resources such as: Strategic Planning, Board and Leadership Development, training in how to develop and implement Master Fundraising Plans; how to establish multi-sector collaborative partnerships, and how to develop effective media relationships.

We also provide membership benefits that an organization may pass along to its members that foster the advancement of the members and generate additional benefits for the organization including publicity, expanded corporate partnerships and program income.

Examples of Programs and Resources

Wheel of Life Exercise

Success Center Partnerships

The Holographic Organizational Model

Metanoic Organizational and Leadership Development

Organizational Wheel of Life Exercise  

Co-creative Visioning and Strategic Planning  

Effective Personal Management Workshop

Publications, Seminars and Workshops from Leadership Motivation International, Brian Tracy International,
Jim Rohn International, Les Brown Enterprises, Jim Britt, Jack Zufelt, Dr. Jerry Teplitz, John Gray, Nido Qubein, etc.

DISC and Myers Briggs profiles and Communication Styles Assessments

BioData Questions

Organizational Development Consulting

Wheel of Life Exercise for Organizations

How fully actualizing would your organization rate on this modified Wheel of Life?

How would you modify the Wheel of Life exercise to apply it to your organization? What are some of the factors you would use to assess how effective and efficient your organization is? Listed below are a few possibilities. Take a few minutes to decide which are the most important areas to consider from your personal perspective and then make your own modified Wheel. Then complete the process of placing a mark on each new spoke you create to reflect your present level of satisfaction with your organization. Then connect the dots and consider where your Organizational Wheel of Life might be out of balance.

This can also be an effective group exercise and it can help build consensus and engage organizational members in the co-creative process of discovering areas for potential improvement and for developing goals and action plans for creating a better shared vision for the organization.

Possible Factors for Evaluating How Fully Actualizing An Organization Is:

   Shared Vision and
       Sense of Common Purpose

Community Partnerships                               Clearly Defined Agency 
Leveraging Resources                                    Goals & Action Plans

    Active Participation                                          Perceived By Larger
           By Members, Board, Staff                               Community As An Asset     
          Job Opportunities                                                   Available Opportunities
                That Match Skills                                                       For Advancement                                                                            
Aspiring To Be A Model Agency                     Stewardship of Resources
    A Good Place To Work                               (Staff, Time & Finances)

        Access To Resources For
       Personal, Organizational &
         Community Development

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