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Empowerment Resource Showcases

The showcase workshops present some of the best programs in the world from industry leaders such as Success Motivation International, Brian Tracy International, and the University for Successful Living: These showcases introduce hundreds of developmental training programs and resources offered by the Empowerment Resource Center ™ and enable you to decide which ones will best help you, or your business and organization achieve maximum success. Attend the half-day program and participate in your choice of four workshops that focus on personal, professional and organizational development, or stay all day and participate in up to eight of twelve concurrent workshops. 

The registration fee for these introductory showcases is only $25 per person for a half day and $50 per person for a full day. The first 100 individuals who pre-register for a full day will receive over $100 worth of training programs, materials and a year's membership in the Center.


This workshop presents one of the most powerful sessions from Brian Tracy's best-selling seminar that over 500,000 people from all walks of life have participated in around the world. The Phoenix Seminar helps you acquire the advanced skills, qualities, and attitudes of all high achieving men and women through twenty-seven (27) video modules, workbook exercises and class discussions.


Learn how to acquire the five qualities of successful people, how to develop success habits, how to define your goals and take consistent, positive action, how to make more time for what you enjoy in life, and how to achieve balance in each of the six major areas of life: Physical & Health; Family & Home; Mental & Educational; Financial & Career; Social & Cultural; and Spiritual & Ethical.


This  workshop will help you learn: How you can do more in less time; techniques to reduce stress; daily organizing steps for increased productivity; ways to ensure commitments and promises are kept; monthly planning steps to become more proactive; the powerful applications of the 80/20 Pareto Principle; the keys to escape Crisis Mode Management; & the benefits of defining High Payoff Activities for yourself.


This workshop helps you learn how to apply the most appropriate personal and professional success techniques, use the most effective method for setting and achieving goals, build belief in your ability to accomplish goals, learn how to apply creative thinking and problem solving skills, motivate yourself and others, and choose appropriate decision-making approaches.

MOTIVISION™ 21 Steps In Successful Living

21 Steps In Successful Living: This seminar helps you See, Believe and Achieve your highest possible destiny through three essential determinants of successful living: clarity of vision, definiteness of purpose, and appropriateness of attitudes and actions. The workshop covers the essential steps in setting and achieving goals, creating affirmation statements and building belief in your talents and abilities to be a high achiever.


TULIPS is a comprehensive program and process for identifying and achieving personal, professional, organizational and lifetime goals within a spiritually oriented context. Discover and actualize your inherent power that is intended to help you fulfill your highest possible destiny, thence the word "inpowerment". Inpowerment™ goes beyond empowerment to acknowledge that the Source of all Wisdom, all Knowledge, all Power, and all Supply is within each one of us.


Hold the highest possible vision of who you are, why you are here and all you can be, do and have. Make God your senior partner in life! Materials and exercises include: Partnership Agreement With The Lord, Setting Spiritually Centered Goals, Practicing the Presence of God, Daily Mindstorming Exercise, Be Still and Know I Am God, Rise and Shine! and Biblical Scriptures on Successful Living.


Opportunity to experience 4-8 valuable workshops for a nominal investment

$25-$50 Certificates toward tuition for future CSL training programs

Free one-year CSL Membership ($25 value) and discounts on books and tapes

Discount tickets for upcoming professional development programs with Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Connie Podesta and more

100% money-back satisfaction guarantee!


Ray Stuchly is a suburban Chicago Independent SMI Sales Director with 20 years of experience in sales management and a certified trainer for more than 200 other workshops on goals, management, sales and success. Ray has an MBA in Marketing from Loyola University.

Tom Schenck is a Brian Tracy International Affiliate from Champaign with over 20 years of management training experience who facilitates more than 30 seminars and workshops on team work, leadership, communication, and relationships.

Charles Betterton is co-founder of CENTER SPACE and the University for Successful Living, with 25 years of administrative experience in personal, organizational and community economic development. Affiliated with Brian Tracy International. Independent Success Coach with Success Motivation International.

To register or obtain information on the next showcases, please contact us. 

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