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Church/Spiritual Center Overview to Expanding the Circle of Success

Fostering church and congregational growth and development by providing resources for
 cocreative visioning, strategic planning, fundraising, community outreach, event promotion, etc.


For more than ten years, CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Empowerment), has been developing prototype programs designed to help individuals, organizations and communities awaken to our spiritual identity, realize more of our God given potential and fulfill more of our unlimited potential. Many of our innovative, transformational programs are based upon most effective development training programs created from some of the world’s top "Success Coaches" such as Paul J. Meyer, John Maxwell, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Rohn, etc.

Several of the community resource centers we have helped create have won state and national awards and we have been asked to share the foundation of this vision of spiritual, personal and community empowerment with others. This presentation was the result of initial brainstorming on ways that our years of experience might be of benefit to Churches.

Following for your consideration is our first attempt to list several possibilities of creative ways that Churches might expand their ministries into the larger community and help your congregants grow and prosper and increase their level of contribution to the church, to the community and to the world. With your help in sharing additional possibilities with us, we are confident that the collective list will grow to at least 101 ways.

Ways To Help Your Church and Members Grow and Prosper

Create a Community Resource Center in your church or in your community in conjunction with others. What the world needs now, Unity already has. All we have to do is find more effective ways of letting our Light so shine. ("How To" workbook available from CENTER SPACE).

Create a Community Development Corporation to help carry out the mission of the church and serve the larger community. Government at all levels and major private foundations are increasingly desiring, and in some cases even requiring, the inclusion of faith based organizations in funding projects. CDC’s are frequently the organizational development vehicle utilized by a church or churches to carry out community economic development projects that support their faith based vision and mission. ("How To" workbook is available from CENTER SPACE)

Use Co-creative Visioning and Strategic Planning tools to help shape a shared vision and increase ownership of the process and desired outcomes.

Serve as the catalyst for a Community Partnership that focuses on identifying and addressing priority issues. One example is the award-winning Success Center Partnership created by the Muncie, Indiana Public Housing Authority. ( A report is available from CENTER SPACE).

CAN DO! Serve as the catalyst for a community CAN DO! Chapter and co-produce major community events featuring world-class success coaches and spiritual leaders. (See enclosed samples for event with Bonnie St. John Deane whose story is featured in the April 2000 Daily Word)

Establish an ad hoc Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Committee that could provide assistance whenever a need or opportunity arises.

Create a Master Mind Partnership to help congregants apply the proven power of the Master Mind as they share their individual and collective dreams and goals and help each other and the church discern and take appropriate actions in response to opportunities. This will also help members become more aware of the mutual advantages of doing business with other members. (Sample portfolios for establishing such a group are available from CENTER SPACE).

If you don’t already have one, create a Treasure Map for the congregation’s ultimate vision of your facility and place it where everyone can constantly se the vision and help bring it forth.

In addition, create a Cyber Space Center for your church and members that includes your vision of the future and ways that members and friends may participate in bringing forth the vision. Consider linking your web site to www.PrayFor.com.

Practice periodic "Celebrations of Progress" where members of the congregation come together and individuals share whatever "progress" they have or are experiencing. This is a process of community building that honors the contributions and accomplishments of every one while enhancing recognition that we are one people, one community, with one shared vision and future.

Identify and produce programs and events that serve congregants and attract community participation. Some examples would be the wonderful Community Building Workshops produced by the Foundation for Community Encouragement, Love Master Workshops by Scott and Shannon Peck, co-founders of The Love Center. ( Call CENTER SPACE for information or visit their web sites at www.fce.org and www.thelovecenter.com)

Conduct periodic "Resource Showcases" to introduce available resources that foster spiritual personal and community empowerment. These half day to two day events are comprised of introductory mini-workshops will help you, your congregants and the resource providers discern which possible future programs might be best received by your members and the community.

Take every possible opportunity to utilize tested and proven success principles that can be applied in ways that are consistent with your values. For example, many experts in success and achievement have reported that more wealth has been generated by using the 20 Idea Brainstorming process than any other method. Introduce this resource to your leadership and to the congregation as a tool to help them tap generate levels of creativity.

Share The Three Round Method of Brainstorming to help discover consensus, resolve conflict, and help develop a shared vision of how to respond to problems and benefit from opportunities.

Another example of applying a tested approach is to share the Wheel of Life exercise with individual members to help them discover how balanced their lives are. Then have them brainstorm what factors they feel should be on a Spiritual Wheel of Life to assess the church and then complete the exercise again for the church.

Redefine your church as a "Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Empowerment". Just the exercise itself might help you discover greater existing opportunities to render greater service. We can help you set up a Spiritual Empowerment Resource Center or Cabinet designed to meet your particular needs and budget.

Help expand the capacity of congregants by sharing resources with them that could help them expand their capacity to serve and help others while earning additional income. For example, they might be interested in becoming seminar leaders or facilitators for the programs you would offer to the congregation and the larger community. (Information on how to become an Independent Success Coach and a Certified Empowerment Consultant is available from CENTER SPACE).

This list was compiled for presentation at the Association of Unity Churches workshop on fund-raising. For free copies of any of the components described in this document, please contact CENTER SPACE, PO Box 20072, Sedona, AZ  86341. Email centerspaceinc@gmail.com. Web site address is www.centerspace.com.

CENTER SPACE is a non-profit membership organization that helps people, organizations and communities awaken to our true Spiritual identity, realize more of our God-given potential and fulfill our purpose. CENTER SPACE produces positive uplifting publications, seminars and workshops that may be used by Churches to help them members grow and prosper while generating revenues for the Church. Some of these include: TULIPS, The Ultimate Life Inpowerment Planning System, Motivision, 21 Steps To Successful Living, Partnership Agreement With the Lord, Spiritually Centered Resolutions, Seven Ascension Attitudes, Rise and Shine! and Spiritual Prosperity Treasure Chests.

Wheel of Life Exercise for Spiritual Organizations

  How fully actualizing would your spiritual organization rate on this modified Wheel of Life?

How would you modify the Wheel of Life exercise to apply it to you and or your church? What are some of the factors you would use to assess how effective and efficient your church is? Listed below are a few possibilities. Take a few minutes to decide which are the most important areas to consider from your personal perspective and then make your own modified Wheel. Then complete the process of placing a mark on each new spoke you create to reflect your present level of satisfaction with your spiritual development or church. Then connect the dots and consider where your Spiritual Wheel of Life might be out of balance.

This can also be an effective group exercise and it can help build consensus and engage organizational members in the co-creative process of discovering areas for potential improvement and for developing goals and action plans for creating a better shared vision for the church or spiritual group.

                                     Possible Factors for Evaluating How Fully Actualizing A Church Is:

How Rounded Is Your Spiritual Wheel of Life?


PRAISE THE LORD                                                                              BE GRATEFUL 
  (AND ALL OTHERS)                                                                             IN ALL THINGS

                LET GO                                                                                           SEEK FIRST
          AND LET GOD                                                                              THE  KINGDOM 


 FAITHFUL STEWARDSHIP                                                                  BE  STILL AND
(TITHING/SERVING/GIVING)                                                           KNOW I AM GOD


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