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Business/Company Overview to Expanding the Circle of Success

Fostering Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Micro-Enterprise development and Infopreneurship by providing resources that increase profitability and productivity, empower, motivate, reward and manage employees and harness the power of Internet marketing.

Wheel of Life Exercise for a Business

  How would you rate your company on this modified Wheel of Life?

How would you modify the Wheel of Life exercise to apply it to your company or business? What are some of the factors you would use to assess how effectively you apply what might be consider enlightened or conscious principles and practices? Listed below are a few possibilities. Take a few minutes to decide which are the most important areas to consider from your personal and corporate perspective and make your own modified Wheel. Then complete the process of placing a mark on each new spoke you create to reflect your present level of satisfaction with your accomplishments in maximizing each individual self-assessment factor. Then connect the dots and consider where your Enlightened Business Wheel of Life might be out of balance.

Possible Factors for Evaluating How Well Your Company and Business Practices
Incorporate the 4 Ps of Purpose, People, Planet and Profitability.

How Rounded Is Your Corporate/Business Wheel of Life?


                  HONORING PEOPLE
  (STAFF AND CUSTOMERS)                                                                     PRACTICES


ASPIRING TO BE A MODEL COMPANY                                          STEWARDSHIP OF RESOURCES
         A GOOD PLACE TO WORK                                                         STAFF, TIME, FINANCES, ASSETS 


                    LEAVING A LEGACY OF                                                       RESPONSIBLE COMMUNITY,
              "DOING WELL WHILE DOING GOOD"                                     NATIONAL AND GLOBAL CITIZEN



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