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Workshops & Seminars - Seven Ascension Attitudes
To get the greatest benefit from the Seven Ascension Attitudes, read through all of the materials and then focus on each one, one day at a time. They are provided on index cards so you can keep them with you and review them frequently. During the day, reflect on how you might best manifest that particular Ascension Attitude during your interactions with others. In the evening, reflect on how well you were able to increase your conscious awareness of and positive response to the countless opportunities we are given every day to "rise and shine" in the Lord's Service.

In his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin described a similar process of using a Daily Retrospection Chart to help him incorporate The Thirteen Virtues. Mr. Franklin attributed much of his success in life to his practice of this daily discipline which you may apply as you practice the Seven Ascension Attitudes

Topics Covered Workshop Includes
Love, the first and great commandment
Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow
Gratitude: be grateful in all things
Be still and know I am God
Let go and let God
Seek first the Kingdom of God
Ask, Seek, Knock and Give Thanks
Daily prayer for the 7 Ascension Attitudes
Daily Retrospection for the 7 Ascension Attitudes
7 Ascension Attitudes Index Cards
Ordering Information
The electronic version is available for a donation.

Click Here For some examples of the Seven Ascension Attitudes.

Workshops & Seminars - Rise and Shine
This workshop and workbook present the ways to Rise and Shine by incorporating the Seven Ascension Attitudes in your daily thoughts, attitudes and activities. 
The Seven Ascension Attitudes include: Love; Praise; Gratitude; Seek first the Kingdom; A.S.K. Ask, Seek and Knock; Let go and Let God; and Be Still and Know God.

Topics Covered Workshop Includes
Discover Your Mission in Life
Seven Ascension Attitudes
Daily Disciplines Toward Godhood
Daily Mindstorming Exercise
Be Still and Know I am God
Biblical Scriptures on Successful Living
Practicing the Presence of God
   Powerful self-discover exercises
   25 pages of exercises and quizzes
Ordering Information
 Offered on a donation basis

Workshop Presenter  

            Charles Betterton
Charles Betterton is Co-Founder and President of Universal Empowerment, CENTER SPACE, the University for Successful Living and Ultimate Destiny University.

He is a Success Coach Trainer and an Empowerment Consultant Trainer. He is the author of Introduction To Personal Success Techniques™, Motivision™: 21 Steps To Successful Living, The Ultimate Life Inpowerment™ Planning. System, Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord, and the Ultimate Destiny Success System.


I arise and shine for my Light is come,
and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon me.
I lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
My help cometh from the Lord which made Heaven and earth.


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