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Would you like to join us ...

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 empower and enlighten people?

Our invitation to participate and share your expertise

"Collaborate - Be the light that others can come to with their ideas, visions, and dreams. Never doubt that blending your talents with those of others can change the world." Unknown


The various for-profit and non-profit enterprises involved in this collaborative evolved out of an individual product developed by a single individual (Charles Betterton) and a Company he founded. The cofounders
of that company began to study resources such as The Trillion Dollar Enterprise (a book about strategic alliances) and they participated in programs from CEO Space, Social Venture Network, IONS, World Business Academy, Spirit in Business, etc.

As a result, they restructured the company as a "strategic marketecture" , established affiliated non-profit organizations and attracted additional partners, investors, coauthors and cocreators. Over the past few years, they have generated several hundred thousand dollars in equity capital (mostly from cofounders). They have also turned down offers for a few million dollars due to a lack of alignment with the potential investors.

The initial 80 page product in 2007 before studying Mega Book Publishing and Ultimate Internet Marketing Resources, especially the new field of Infopreneurship.

The expanded 14-part
Ultimate Destiny Success
System in 2010 after studying Internet Marketing and Publishing

Adaptation of the contents into a Home Study Course and Small Group Discussion Guidebooks

The complete expanded
14-part Ultimate Destiny Success System as PDfs
on a CD ROM 2010.

Each of the 14 titles in the Ultimate Destiny Success System has 4 or 5 coauthors who
share the royalties, partly in cash and partly as shares in the Company

The cofounders and coauthors also established affiliated non-profit organizations
and collaborative projects designed to help accomplish their shared vision and mission:

CENTER SPACE Ultimate Destiny Playshops Ultimate Destiny University


The cofounders published our first print books with two affiliated non-profit organizations:


At the present time, there are 8 major categories all related to the new field of Infopreneurship.
We are seeking individuals who have an interest and or skills in any or all of these areas.

Participating individuals and organizations have over 101 publications in various stages of completion. Opportunities are available to earn cash, royalties and or shares. Most pending publications are being self-published or published through imprints using Print On Demand. Opportunities are available to earn cash, royalties and or shares. Many of the products and publications need to be repurposed as audio-video content. We have opportunities for you to earn cash, shares in companies and or percentages. Many of the programs and publications will be evolved into webinars and "evergreen webinars". Helping develop those offers opportunities to gain experience and expertise, earn an income and shares.
We have invested in some of the latest innovative applications for SEO WordPress blog sites and have opportunities for you to learn how to apply
them and receive cash, percentages and or shares.
We have invested in several systems for developing Membership Sites and a primary source of "continuity income" . Opportunities are available to earn cash, percentages and or shares. We have invested over $150,000 acquiring training, hardware and software for publishing, e-publishing and Internet marketing. Those resources will be made available to all participants who can earn cash, percentages and or shares. The cofounders have produced major events for up to 1,800 participants featuring world-class trainers. Opportunities will be available for cash, trades and or shares as we produce major events with Ultimate destiny hall of fame Award recipients (initially in Sedona and San Diego)

 Major Titles in Process from Ultimate Destinyland

Ultimate Destinyland is a strategic alliance that consists of Ultimate Destiny Network (a cause-oriented company)  and Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living( an affiliated non-profit membership organization.

The 14 stand-alone titles in the Ultimate Destiny Success System Library are presently available as PDF documents. They are also being converted into every major digital format and will be printed through Create Space this Fall.

Each title has a web site, a blog site, Facebook page, self-assessments, quizzes and an Astore.

Now we need help translating them into other languages (initially Spanish), producing audio and data CDs, DVDs, developing membership services, producing webinars, articles, marketing, affiliate programs, etc.

Click Here to review more details for each title including links to web sites, blogs and Facebook pages.

Major Titles in Process from Universal StewardHeirShip

This is a new Arizona C Corporation, based on the new Benefit Corporation model. (Click Here for a recent article from RSF Social Finance about pending legislation in California). The Company is based on the 4 Ps of Purpose, People, Planet and Profits and 40% of the shares in the Company will be allocated to affiliated non-profit organizations (NPOs). These forthcoming books that are being published by Universal Stewardheirship, Inc. will introduce StewardHeirShip and present a vision and  Strategic Implementation Matrix for helping individuals, organizations and communities realize and actualize more of their potential and capacity for addressing the increasing social, economic and environmental challenges we face together.

The opportunities inherent in those challenges and the increased focus on personal development, spiritual enlightenment and sustainable living were predicted in an article, Future Market Place: Consumer Heaven, from the 1997 issue of The Futurist. The article further demonstrates the timeliness and potential from collaborative efforts such as this project.  We need help coauthoring these titles, editing and formatting, translating them into other languages, producing audio and data CDs, producing webinars, developing and managing membership programs, and Internet marketing/

Major Titles in Process from CENTER SPACE
(the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Empowerment and Enlightenment)

CENTER SPACE is a non-profit membership organization that provides programs and services designed to help people A.R.K. -- Awaken to Spirit; Realize more of their potential; and Know how to fulfill their ultimate destiny (whatever that means to each individual). CENTER SPACE produces and disseminates uplifting publications, audio-video programs, seminars, workshops, and consulting services from some of the world's top Success Coaches and Trainers that foster spiritual, personal and community empowerment and enlightenment.

Our ultimate goal is to help establish an international network of Centers for Successful Living™ and Empowerment Resource Centers™ to help individuals, organizations and communities see, believe and achieve all they can be, do  and have stewardship over. Click Here for more details of programs we have in various stages of completion. We need help with coauthoring, editing, publishing, developing CDs, DVDS, webinars, membership services, onlilne classes, training-of-trainers, Internet marketing, translating, etc.


Would you like to enjoy the advantages of living, serving and working in fun, uplifting
and meaningful cooperative and collaborative enterprises and a mastermind group?

Have you written a book, created a seminar, workshop or other training
program that you could use help marketing, promoting or distributing?

Are you interested in earning extra income, either part time or full time, while helping
other individuals, organizations and communities realize more of their potential?

Would you be interested in earning a percentage of profits from programs you help
develop through sharing royalties, a revenue participation agreement and or shares?

Do you have expertise in any of the 8 primary areas we have listed?


Do you have an interest in acquiring skills and expertise in any of these areas?

Are you interested in attending an orientation meeting to learn more about how
you might participate in and benefit from collaboration in these projects?

If your answer to any of these questions is Yes, please contact Charles Betterton
at 928-284-2671 or by email

Thank you for taking time to explore this web page and to consider the possibility that you may enjoy personal and financial benefits from participating as a cocreator of whatever evolves through our collaborative efforts.