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The Center for Spiritual, Personal And
Community Empowerment and Enlightenment

Providing Resources for Helping You A.R.K.
 Awaken to Spirit; Realize More of Your Potential; and
now How to Fulfill Your Divine Destiny

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CENTER SPACE, the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Empowerment and Enlightenment,  helps millions of people awaken to their true spiritual identity, realize more of their God-given potential and know how to fulfill their ultimate purpose.

CENTER SPACE serves millions of members and people world-wide, partly through God-inspired publications and programs such as TULIPS, The Ultimate Life Inpowerment™ Planning System, Partnership Agreement With God, Motivision™, 21 Steps In Successful Living, Rise and Shine with Seven Ascension Attitudes, Spiritual Prosperity Treasure Chests, etc.

Thousands of Certified CENTER SPACE Empowerment Consultants help foster spiritual, personal, congregational, organizational and community empowerment through publications, seminars, workshops, retreat programs, the Internet and through consulting services

CENTER SPACE is trusted by millions of people and we are entrusted with stewardship over billions of dollars worth of assets including real estate, cash reserves, intellectual properties, stock in public and private companies, automobiles, airplanes, boats, retreat centers, office buildings, manufacturing and production facilities and resorts.

CENTER SPACE owns, maintains and manifests stewardship over beautiful retreat center facilities and properties all over the world where members and guests are loved, blessed, healed, nurtured and prospered. 

CENTER SPACE and the companies it partly owns such as Universal Empowerment, Wisdom, Wealth Wellness, and Ultimate Destiny, serve as the world’s leading providers of resources for spiritual, personal and community empowerment.

The CENTER SPACE and Ultimate Destiny University web sites provide valuable inspirational information, on line training and transformational resources that help millions of people world-wide more clearly see, believe, receive and achieve all they can be, do and have stewardship over.

CENTER SPACE receives the Nobel Prize for our contributions to world peace.

 CENTER SPACE is awarded the Templeton Prize for our significant contributions to help foster spiritually centered living.

By the Grace of God and through the Power of Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit, CENTER SPACE helps millions of people all over the world discover and benefit from publishing and distributing millions of copies of books and tape programs from Unity and New Thought authors and other inspired authors including Charles Fillmore, Ernest Holmes, Eric Butterworth, Joseph Murphy, Roy Eugene Davis, Catherine Ponder, etc. 

By the Grace of God and through the Power of Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit, the CENTER SPACE Retreat Centers in San Diego County and Sedona AZ are based on beautiful multi-acre grounds with trees, flower and vegetable gardens, lakes, pools, waterfalls and fountains, and the buildings are beautiful with natural stone, wood work and lots of glass windows, sanctuary spaces, a chapel, meeting and class rooms, several fire places, a library, and a home for CENTER SPACE staff and guest rooms where our family, friends and guests and retreat participants enjoy being at home. The recreational center includes an Olympic size heated swimming pool, spa and sauna and exercise equipment. In the name of Jesus the Christ, we ask, seek, knock and give thanks that this, or something even more ultimate, is now so in Divine Order and Perfect Harmony. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit. Amen.

CENTER SPACE helps thousands of churches and spiritually centered individuals, organizations and communities fulfill their ultimate potential and set and achieve goals through our Ten Step Co-Creative Visioning and Strategic Planning Process.

CENTER SPACE helps bring forth Heaven on Earth by publishing a book and by producing television programs that showcase organizations, communities, books, seminars and workshops and other resources that are helping individuals discover and experience Heaven on earth. Featured are centers such as: The Self Realization Fellowship, Questhaven Retreat Center, The Rosicrucian Fellowship, the Center for Spiritual Awakening, Joshua Tree Spiritual Retreat Center, and spiritual intentional communities such as Sunrise Ranch, Glen Ivy, Stelle and Ananda.

CENTER SPACE earns millions of dollars every year from its shares in companies such as Universal Empowerment, Ultimate Destiny and other strategically aligned companies and projects and joint ventures.

During the year 2016, CENTER SPACE publishes several books (and launches several seminars and workshops based on them) including TULIPS, Rise and Shine With Seven Ascension Attitudes, Motivision, 21 Steps In Successful Living, Spiritually Centered Resolutions and Partnership Agreement With The Lord.

During 2016 CENTER SPACE also publishes Spiritual Prosperity Treasure Chests, Crowned With the Ultimate Success of the Lord, Godhood, Who M? Oh My God! and Successful Living According To Proverbs.

During 2016, CENTER SPACE and its partner organizations establish 24 local Centers for Successful Living, we train and certify 120 Empowerment Consultants and we grant licenses in 12 other countries.

CENTER SPACE attracts  individuals and organizations that share our vision and mission and want to help manifest the ultimate success of our programs. If that might be you, please read Who Else Wants To Bless Millions.


I seek first the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth and Your right-use-ness and all right things are added unto me in the right way, right time and right amounts.

Thank You for being my Shepherd Lord. I shall never want for Your Wisdom, Faith, Power, Supply, Direction or Perfect Employment in Your Service.

You anoint my head with the oil of your enlightenment, guidance and protection. My cup runneth over with Your abundant provision and rich blessings.

Surely Your goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

In everything I do Lord, whenever I put You first, You direct me and crown my efforts with the Ultimate Success of the Lord in Your own perfect way and time.

I dedicate my life to the upliftment of myself and humankind to our inherent glory of Godhood.

I commit my life and my work to You Lord, my plans are established and I am successful.

Thank you Lord, for always meeting my needs according to Your riches in glory through Jesus Christ. "In You we live, move, and have our being."

Through God's spirit within me, I always know the right thing to do and I do it in Divine Order.

I let go and let God guide and direct me in all that I do and I am abundantly blessed for God is in charge, God is in control and all is well.

God, my ever present help, fills me with Light and I am guided in making wise decisions and in taking wise actions in Divine Order.

God, my ever present help, fills my life with abundant good and I am prosperous and successful as a steward in Your service.

I trust God's Love to accomplish good in my life and I trust God's Wisdom to guide and direct me in all that I do.

I love you Lord, my God, with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength, (all of wich you gave me), and I love everyone else as I love myself since we are all manifestations of You God.

I think Love, speak Love, give Love, and live Love that I might be perfect even as our Father in Heaven is perfect. always gratefully honor you Lord with the first part of the income you bless me with.

I am a Faith-Full and Response-Able steward in God's Service.

Copyright 1997-2016 by CENTER SPACE


" A grateful mind is a great mind that will eventually attract to it great things." Plato

I am grateful, Lord for the opportunity to serve Your Kingdom of God on earth for the glory of God and the upliftment of humankind.

I am grateful Lord for my increasing conscious awareness of God as my instant, constant, and abundant Source of Wisdom, Faith, Power, Supply, Direction and Perfect Employment.

I am grateful Lord that I am the rich child of a loving, giving and for-giving God and that all You have is mine to use in Your Service.

I am grateful Lord that You always provide the necessary resources for me to carry out Your Work in a perfect way.

I am grateful Lord for right vision, right thinking, right ideas, right attitudes, right people, right resources, right ACT/I/ON, and right results.


I am grateful Lord to serve You as an apostle. I joyfully fulfill my highest possible destiny, helping bring forth the Kingdom of God on earth and Your right-use-ness by making the highest and best use of my God given talents, time and resources in Your service.


I am grateful Lord for my conscious awareness of God as my instant, constant, and abundant Source of Wisdom, Direction, Faith, Power, Supply and Perfect Employment, of Jesus Christ as my Savior, Wayshower, Companion and Mentor, and of oneness with God as my ultimate destiny. In You, I live, move, have my being and offer my doing. I look to no other source.


I am grateful Lord that I am happily and productively employed in my perfect service in Your work for the Kingdom of God on earth and Your right-use-ness.

I am grateful Lord that all You have is mine to use in Your service. All authority has been granted unto me. I am blessed with a bountiful eye.


I am grateful Lord that You have helped me become a loving, giving and supportive person who radiates God's Love, Peace, Light and Harmony within myself, to my family, friends, co-workers, community and to the world.

I am grateful Lord that I am beautifully and appropriately housed through the rich substance of God. I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forevermore.

I am grateful Lord that I am beautifully and appropriately transported and clothed through the rich substance of God, my employer and Senior Partner in every undertaking.

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